The Hematology-Oncology Division at ZSFG has a robust research program that includes lab, clinical and behavioral research. 

As a UCSF affiliate within the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology, the Hematology-Oncology Division at ZSFG has access at any given time to 15-20 multicenter cooperative-group studies sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).  The division also supports various investigator-initiated projects, as well as selected pharmaceutical industry-sponsored studies in the UCSF Comprehensive Cancer Center.  Please contact Paul Couey, Research Manager, [email protected] for details on open studies at ZSFG.

Michael McGrath Labs: Understanding the role of pathogenic macrophages in cancer and neurologic disease in AIDS and non-AIDS populations. As an extension to this research interest, drug development targeting macrophages in the context of AIDS dementia and neurodegenerative disease are in advanced pre-clinical and early clinical testing. Home of the AIDS and Cancer Specimen Resource (ACSR), the largest AIDS related malignancy repository in the world available to researchers.

ACSR website: